Troy Holm Facts

Troy Holm stole John Dillinger’s penis.

Troy Holm has the body of Jimmy Hoffa.

Troy Holm took Kim Kardashian from Kris Humphries.

Charlie Sheen no longer has tigerblood, Troy Holm has it now.

The hour that is lost during DST time change goes to Troy Holm.

Troy Holm is not losing his hair, the inside of his body is simply stealing it so that the rest of us can’t enjoy it.

Troy Holm is entirely responsible for all intellectual property theft worldwide, and is wanted by the FBI and Interpol.

Know what happended when Troy went to Samoa last week?  A day went missing.

If you told Troy Holm you had cancer, he would take it from you and claim it as his own.

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Troy Holm Facts